Heel Lifts and Celebrities

Heel lifts may not be talked about often but they are worn by thousands of people every year, including celebrities who would like to appear taller than they are naturally. Heel lifts have many advantages and are simple to use, and can actually make you taller instantly.

What are Heel Lifts?
Heel lifts worn by celebrities are the same as those you can purchase right online. These devices are made from foam or rubber, with silicon and foam being the most comfortable and popular options available. There are varying heights available for heel lifts. Celebrities may have their lifts custom made but the type you can purchase premade have the same results as more costly custom lifts that are made to your specifications.

These wedge shaped orthopedic devices are simply slipped into the heel of the shoe for an instant height boost. That is it, there are no special tips or tricks that you need to know to use shoe lifts. You can also find these devices in several widths so if you have narrow or wide feet you may want to order with care to ensure the lifts fit into your shoes properly. It is also a good idea to buy a few different heights to find the right height for your personal use.

Growing Taller Instantly
Getting an instant height boost from heel lifts isn't just for celebrities. If you are uncomfortable with your height there is no reason not to try these handy little shoe inserts. Models, singers and actors all use heel lifts at some point for an instant height boost. No one can tell that these lifts are in your shoes so you simply look taller and feel more confident when you use the device. Plus, lifts work with most types of shoes so your style doesn't even have to suffer.